About the Book

Rocky Crosses the Road: A Story About Obeying Your Elders and Taking Risks


When elders set certain rules for you to follow, do you obey them?

Rocky, a young prairie animal, has always wondered what lies on the other side of the road. But no matter how much he wanted to explore, he couldn’t. The prairie animal Elders have warned him that it is too dangerous. They are afraid that he will get squished by big trucks. Worse, he could be eaten by a fox! Rocky is not afraid of anything but he still decides to obey the elders. Later that night, his father visits him and tells him something amazing.

A thoroughly engaging tale, this book is something that children will enjoy, with its simple text and vibrant watercolor illustrations. Through Rocky, they will learn a valuable lesson about obeying elders and taking risks.

Will Rocky be able to cross the road? What will he discover if he goes to the other side? Find out as Rocky Crosses the Road !


ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-5072-3
ISBN13 (HB) 978-1-4363-5073-0